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Hey guys, I'll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta this weekend with the lovely Cherry, :iconchewythecherry: on Friday and Saturday.

We'll be in Table I-4, as shown on this highlighted map:
and as reference, these prints will be available there (along with Cherry's professional craft things * 3*):

so come on by and say hello if you see us :D

See you guys soon, hope everyone has great week!
Hey guys, hope you all are well : ) I have some news to share

In short, Rising Sun is an upcoming a charity artbook for the ongoing earthquake relief in Japan, featuring artists such aaas

:iconhooooon: :iconkou-chann: :iconfeeshseagullmine: :iconmou-s: :iconelectrixocket: :iconashiong: :iconaugipaw:

and, well, myself! :icontofuburgers:

We can't post up our entries just yet... buuut here's a small snippet of my own:

It won't disappoint, promise. ;)

More info about the artbook (samples, pricing etc.) can be found in feeshseagullmine's journal below.………

Check it out if you have some time. We'd appreciate it :)

Thank you in advance for your support, and as always, thank you for reading my journal!
Hey everyone :D hope you're all doing well

I'll be tabling at momocon this year/next week (LOL) with a few friends, including the lovely :iconchewythecherry: :heart::heart:

I can't believe it's my first time :) It's exciting!
I'll just be selling these two prints:…

So stop by and say hello if you're going :heart:
(The AA is tiny so it won't be difficult to find us LOL)
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I KNOW I AM :eager:

I'm not selling/tabling this year, but a friend of mine is along with some of her other friends--let me tell you, they are AMAZING :la:--SO STOP ON BY AND SAY HELLO and maybe buy something nice for yourself or a friend :flirty:


Located here!

I'll be around their table too sometimes to take up space and stuff :thumbsup:

See you there if you're going! and for those who aren't, enjoy your weekends and get well rested :)


oh oops I never posted any SDCC photos
I'll compile them from both cons in another entry LOL;
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Is anyone going? :la:

I'll be with there with my dear friend :iconkurotaku: on the 24th and 25th, so say hello if you see us!  We'll be the HK (Hetalia) and normal retarded person on Friday, and a silly Makoto (from Tokikake) & hot Okita (GINTAMAA) on Saturday! :thumbsup: See you there if you're going!

Coincidentally my grandparents are visiting LA for a few months at my uncle's, so I have to go visit them too LOL; I plan to stay there until the 28th, so apologies in advance for late replies :)

Soo, I'll see you guys in a little bit! Hope you're all doing well :blowkiss:
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